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Welcome to our blog!! Here you'll be able to see drawings, pictures, so many of them!, done by us and people we know. Hope you enjoy :)


Jan 31, 2012

Yay! Anime!

immmmm!!!! Anime pictures are so....ugh, I don't know how to say it! They can be cute, impacting, gloomy, with a lot of personality! and they are so easy to draw(sometimes lol) It is out favorite topic to draw, so you will be seeing them a lot here. yay! ^-^
Look at the pictures below and give us your opinion OK?

by Lisa

by Lisa

Take care :)
-Crystal Fantasy

Jan 30, 2012

Our First Post!!!!

Hi everyone! We're so excited! This is our first post! Do you like peach? ( Do peaches have leaves?) It was done by (as you can see) Lisa. lol. 
Thank you for coming to see our blog.
Now let's talk about the blog, just so you know what to expect. We will be posting  a lot of drawings like the one above and like animes and cartoons and even "real life" drawings. ^-^ lol, it's possible that many of them are not really good, but we're going to post them anyway, hehe. The people who are drawing these are not artists, just normal people who love to draw even though they are not good at it. It'll be fun!! 

Until next time,
Crystal Fantasy